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Feed your lawn with our effective K9 - Turf Fertilizer

If you're tired of the urine spots in your yard, K9 - Turf Fertilizer is here to help. We sell our powerful fertilizer by the bag. With over 18 years of history, this proven fertilizer will renew your lawn and prevent new urine spots from forming.

About Our Product

K9-Turf is an organic based pet friendly granular fertilizer that will repair & prevent burn spots caused by dog urine. Our fertilizer works by reconditioning your lawns' soil with millions of microbes and enzymes that combat the concentrated nitrogen content balancing the PH levels in the soil. The nitrogen in dog urine (Urea) can be beneficial to grass but the high concentration in dog urine is too high and burns the root system completely killing the grass in those spots. The microbes and enzymes in K9-Turf Fertilizer will break down the high nitrogen content keeping the soil PH levels balanced, stopping burn spots from occurring. Using K9-Turf Fertilizer will recondition your soil building a healthier stronger root system that will produce a thicker more lush lawn, there is no need to use any other fertilizer when using K9-Turf. Each bag of fertilizer covers up to 3,000 square feet and should be applied every 4 weeks.

3 reasons you should choose our fertilizer

When it's time to choose a fertilizer, you want a formula that's safe for your pets and works properly. Our fertilizer is:

Organic - we make our fertilizer from natural ingredients
Safe for pets - you won't have to worry about your pets getting sick
Easy to apply - you'll only need to apply fertilizer every four weeks

With our effective fertilizer feeding your grass, the brown spots in your lawn will disappear. Reach out to us today if you have any questions about our fertilizer

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