Get the Perfect Solution for Your Spotty Lawn

Treat your lawn with our powerful fertilizer

You love your fuzzy friends, but the messes they leave behind can cause problems. You don't want pet urine spots dotting your lawn. If you need a solution for your dog's mess, turn to K9 - Turf Fertilizer. We sell high-quality organic based pet friendly fertilizer formulated to balance PH levels to repair & prevent burn spots caused by dog urine.

Why should you use our fertilizer?

  • Eliminates pet urine spots
  • Helps your grass stay green
  • Prevents new spots from developing
  • Prevents and restores burn spots caused from Dog Urine by helping balance PH in soils and building a stronger root system
  • Complete lawn fertilizer and turf builder for thicker, greener lawns
  • Helps restore and grow grass under pine trees/covers 2500-3000 Square Feet
  • Safe in areas frequented by children and pets; Over 90% Organic
  • Only product of its type on the market today


As a granular fertilizer, this fertilizer utilizes a slow-release method to feed your lawn continually. It's also safe to use around your pets. 


Helping you take care of your lawn

When your lawn needs a boost, we have the perfect solution. We're a family-owned and -operated business based in Casper, WY that's glad to help you take care of your property. Our team is:

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