Get the Perfect Solution for Your Spotty Lawn

Treat your lawn with our powerful fertilizer

You love your fuzzy friends, but the messes they leave behind can cause problems. You don't want pet urine spots dotting your lawn. If you need a solution for your dog's mess, turn to K9 - Turf Fertilizer. We sell high-quality fertilizer out of Casper, WY. No matter where you live in the country, we're glad to get you the fertilizer you need.

Contact us now if you need fertilizer for your lawn. We sell fertilizer by the bag.

Why should you use our fertilizer?

When you need to improve your lawn, our fertilizer can get the job done. Our effective fertilizer:

Eliminates pet urine spots
Helps your grass stay green
Prevents new spots from developing

As a granular fertilizer, this fertilizer utilizes a slow-release method to feed your lawn continually. It's also safe to use around your pets. Call 307-462-3206 today if you're ready to order your fertilizer.

Helping you take care of your lawn

When your lawn needs a boost, we have the perfect solution. We're a family-owned and -operated business that's glad to help you take care of your property. Our father-and-son team is:

Reliable - we're available when you need us
Professional - we'll always treat you with respect
Dedicated - we'll make sure you get the fertilizer you need

We'll ensure you have everything you need to maintain a beautiful, lush and green lawn. Check out our Reviews page now to see what some of our customers have to say about our fertilizer.